Saturday, July 17, 2010

From a letter sent to the local Republican Party Chairman.
Harold R. Cummings
Vernon Republican Town Committee
32 Ravenscroft
Vernon, CT 06066

Dear Mr. Cummings:
Thank you for your letter welcoming me to the Vernon Republican Party. I wish to emphasize to future Republican candidates that the following topics are absolutely essential to my vote.

• Free Market Economics as given by the Austrian school of economics. Free-will and contracts are critical.

• Sound Money: Get rid of the Federal Reserve or at least eliminate the manipulative central bank specification of interest rates. Controlled interest rates lead to boom-bust cycles.

• All human life is sacred. Denying human dignity leads to further evils.

• Individual Responsibility: Fight the cult-of-the-state. Eliminate regulations. No paternalistic government, No police-state, No stimulus, No bailouts.

• Protect the Constitution and Individual Liberty: The Ninth and Tenth Amendments seems to be a forgotten relics. I am especially concerned with our natural right to keep and bear arms.

In short, I wish for an exit from our current Road to Serfdom. I hope that Republicans can promote and exhibit the ideals of Jefferson and the patient courage of Coolidge. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.


[My Name]
I'm registered as a Republican. This is mainly to support certain candidates (Ron Paul in 2008 and Peter Schiff this year) in the primaries. The Road to Serfdom is a book by F. A. Hayak.

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