Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Head of Vatican's bank gives warning

The head of theVatican's bank fires a warning shot across the bow of the US and Europe's Keynesian Titanic. See here.

"Zero interest rates factually equal a de facto transfer of wealth from he who was a virtuous saver (although not for Keynes) to he who has become virtuously (for Keynes) indebted," he said. "Practically, it's about a hidden tax on poor savers, a tax transferred to the wealthy, (that is), over-indebted states, business people and bankers.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Education not Discussion

Dear Colleague,

Your proposal is not moral: Giving money to X requires stealing money from Y.

Now rather than wasting hours discussing and debating your proposal, I propose spending this time on education. In this case, a formal economics course would be beneficial.  See "Introduction to Austrian Economic Analysis: A Ten-Lecture Course" at  We can talk after you finish the course.

My Name

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Driving Away Customers (Lynch Toyota Review)

Thinking of buying or servicing a car at Lynch Toyota in Manchester? I wouldn't and here's why. Here's an excerpt of a note sent to Toyota:

Tire rotation was requested and paid for but not performed. After noticing the problem, I contacted the service manager (Vern Fortin). He was not willing to accept that I could notice the rotation hasn't occurred (Mechanical Engineer with advanced degree. Go Figure!) but agreed to send a refund. The refund never arrived.
Why be a weasel twice over such a minor issue.

But wait, there's more....

This seems to be another in-field observation of a troubling tendency: "Expert Cult". This is the view that only a specialized expert has the ability to own, use, or discuss a particular object or idea. More later...

Update: Lynch has subsequently changed their service manager.

The wolf you feed

See: The wolf you feed

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Knack

The Knack, The division of labor, Talents, etc:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Response to Father Z's "Assigning blame"

Father Z's article Assigning blame was accurate. There is however another message that I thought should be included, so I submitted the following comment:

The spontaneous left-right blame in the Tuscon murders appears to overshadow a true blessing; Evil was apparently stopped by a prepared and armed citizen. For all the talk about this group or that group, the moral actions of a single individual are what matter. You must be prepared to immediately and individually act for the good of yourself and others!

Are you prepared to defend the innocent? Are you in a state of grace? If not, your first response will be to flee rather than to “risk” your soul. Do you personally every-day-carry basic emergency equipment? Yes, that could include a Beretta under your biretta! To be willfully ill-prepared is not good.

Save lives by being prepared.

As a reference, nutnfancy's "Close to Engage" video provides a nice commentary from last year.

Also consider the Sheepdog Concept video.