Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cash Dilemma

So my wife and I were shopping for a moderately expensive item. At one shop, I received an interesting quote: "X dollars now or X dollars of our money for 18 months at 0%." I asked if he had any preference for cash in hand. "No."

So in the middle of a recession/depression, my liquid savings are worth nothing over just-printed inflationary Dollars. What another clear in-field indication of a perverse incentive. I know that based on Austrian economics, this recession won't actually be over until interest rates rise dramatically higher than the Dollar inflation rate.

So here's the question, should I take the 18 month "loan" and use/save my cash for something else? Logically, of course! But is it worth the trouble?

I spent my time in a cycle of negotiating rather than licking and addressing 18 bills.

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