Friday, March 16, 2012

The Banned in CT Game!

And now we turn to a new segment of this blog called Banned in CT, where you try to determine which item gives heart palpitations to the nanny state.

Which of the following is banned in CT? Pick one.

Item 1:  Thirty (30) round Glock magazine. Originally designed for a fully automatic machine gun.

Item 2: Glock 17, semi-automatic handgun. Compatible with magazine described above.

Item 3: NATO fuel can. 5 Gallon, spill proof, leak proof. Metal construction. Transports dangerous hydrocarbon liquids. Design can rupture under extreme strain creating flaming disaster.

Item 4: Flechettes. Banned in FL. One inch long flying nail. Bends into fish-hook on entry, then the tail detaches and becomes secondary wound generator. Cheap. One pound of surplus flechettes for $20.

Item 5: AK47 bayonet. Imported from Former Warsaw-Pact East Germany. Has 5.75 inch carbon steel blade. Combines with sheath to form wirecutter. Used by socialist peasants for population control.

Item 6: Actual AK47 style semi-automatic rifle in 5.45x39 with pinned muzzle brake and no bayonet lug.

Item 7: Red Bull "Energy Drink". Contains caffeine. Metal can. Sharp edges. Mitigates government school mandated hyper-active medications in school children. Addictive and changes brain chemistry. Advertisements suggest physiological changes to humans.

Item 8: Hummer H2. Military style vehicle. Count its gas mileage on one hand. Hated by pious Prius owners.

Time to pick the banned item. Answer after the video....

The banned item was the 5 gallon gas tank. CT requires a special vapor sealed tank. Instead, I had to buy an expensive "certified" tank. It doesn't work.

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